For almost a month now people from all over are putting their lives on hold and are coming together (in twelve states in Germany at least) to rally behind their heroes. Dressed in their national colors, throngs of people chanting, singing, dancing and drinking have become such a sight to see that I, admittedly, feel envious of such remarkable display of unity and patriotism.

I want a Filipino World Cup Team! I want to be extremely emotional over an exciting game of football. I want to be swept by unbelievable plays, overwhelmed by incredible goals and crushed by heartbreaking defeat. I want to jump and dance in the country’s main thoroughfares with reckless abandon and shout and cry my country’s name like a mad man. All these while wearing the flag on my back and my face painted with the sun and the stars.

I’m such a trying hard football fan I watch the games even if I hardly know how it is played. All of a sudden I’m interested in CNN Sports just to see the Fan Zone, a full-packed stadium in almost monochrome and winning team antics. My sister is luckier. She was in Frankfurt just a week ago. I, on the other hand, found misery in company.

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Something unusual, football-crazed Filipinos (totally unplanned).

I want us to be stung by the football bug. Just imagine, we wouldn’t have to deal with politicians putting up another basketball court with their pork barrel. We would stop being disenchanted with our height. We can all give The Pacman a much-needed rest (and hopefully retirement). With a Lakandula Award from the President no less, this country sure needs a new breed of heroes. And please let it be a dozen.